What’s the best way to train a new trafficker? The top 5 things to consider when on-boarding an ad trafficking novice

Within the Ad Ops community, the turnover of people coming in and leaving can be nonstop.  It might seem like you are always training the newbie.  Training new traffickers can be a daunting task if you approach your employees with an overload of information.  The 5 steps below are guidelines we follow at Operative, that […]

Operative at DPAC: Survey Findings from Publishers and Agencies, and Annoucement of Operative.One

Did you miss DPAC on June 24 at the Millennium Hotel? Are you interested in some of the results of the Operative and DM2PRO State of the Industry survey? Do you want a sneak peak into Operative.One? No problem. Download the Operative presentation by clicking on the below link.  Operative at DPAC Conference_6-24-10 Also, for access to […]

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2010- Reinventing Online Advertising

A lot of time is spent online, but we do not know exactly when and where.  Traditional information is moving from offline to online.  Advertising models have not kept up with these changes.  Page views, impressions, friends, Tweets, buzz, uniques, etc are all ways in which people are buying media.   The Olympics has AS MANY mobile […]

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2010: Digital agencies are going to be extinct if nothing changes

Bryan Wiener , CEO, 360I Bryan is convinced that we are in the golden age of needing an agency for these 3 reasons:   1. Consumers are in control 2. Content is everywhere 3. Innovation is critical Yes, the current agency model is broken, but it can be fixed to become more relevant than ever before.  Currently, agencies […]

Can you offer your clients deep ‘engagement’?

That seems to be the latest measurement buzz word.  Now…let me ask in a different way.  Can your Ad Sales and Ad Ops teams scale to achieve the NEW technical demands of media buyers? In 2010, digital publishers in the US and Europe that are not a top 20 site in their market, will leave […]

How Publishers can drive revenue- Being ‘easy to do business with’ is KEY

In the Operative-sponsored Industry Participant Breakfast on Monday morning at the iMedia Agency Summitin Scottsdale, Arizona, three Senior Sales Executives sat on a panel to discuss ways to drive digital advertising revenue in 2010.  Participants included: Moderator:     Mike Leo, CEO and President, Operative Panel: Cheryl Lucanegro, SVP Advertising Sales, Pandora Tom O’Regan, SVP Advertising Sales, The Street.com Andrew […]

Ad Operations versus Ad Sales: AOL Digital Advertising Execs Discuss the Role of Ad Operations inside a Digital Publisher’s Universe – IAB Ad Operations Summit

For the last session of the day, Operative CEO and President, Mike Leo, lead a discussion with Rob Deichert, Senior Vice President, Global Sales Development and Operations, AOL Advertising and Mark Ellis, Executive Vice President, Sales, AOL Advertising.  The panel explored how Sales and Ad Operations  work together to drive revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and […]

Advertising Agencies and Publishers Automate Advertising Workflow- IAB Ad Operations Summit

Does this sound familiar? Lack of data integration Too much manual data entry Mistakes and discrepancies are constant Invoices do not match Every RFP is different  IAB is trying to create a standard RFP –> Proposal –>IO –>Invoice process.  In conjunction with the IAB, Operative is participating in the beta project .  Geoff Petkus,  Senior Director […]

E-Business Solutions: Update on E-Business Initiatives and Standards to improve tracking of insertion orders – IAB Ad Operations Summit

Right this moment, Operative’s Senior Director of Product, Geoff Petkus, is presenting at the IAB Ad Operations Summit on the IAB working group’s advancements in automating agency and publisher communications.  Check out the session: The Power of Automation, E-Business Solutions! Follow Operative Founder and VP Sales, Lorne Brown on Twitter- http://twitter.com/LorneBrown Follow the IAB on […]

Online Advertising Data: Who Owns It and why is that important?- IAB Ad Operations Summit

The question is not WHO owns the data but who CAN USE the data.  So the truth is that more data leads to more complexity in our business. The vast majority of publishers are still trading on content and not audiences.  But staying ahead of the technology curve allows a publisher to be more aggressive […]