What Makes a Great Ad (Revenue) Operations Leader?

Ad Operations, increasingly evolving into Revenue Operations, is quickly becoming a central player to publishers’ advertising business. Rather than being focusing on tactical ad trafficking execution and campaign reporting,  Ad Ops employees are getting more involved in product development and packaging, evaluating new ad technologies, and go-to-market strategies. As a manager who is responsible for […]


United States’ Olympics Committee’s Digital Future Gets a Boost

The Unites States Olympic Committee doesn’t just organize the United States’ participation in the Olympic games, it’s a publisher too. Employing up to six writers, the USOC churns out original coverage of its athletes…

Ad Tech Stacks

Ad Tech Stacks: Do They Have To Be So Complicated?

For publishers, agencies and advertisers, the digital ad business is a mosh pit of technology options that are supposed to help buy and sell a digital ad. It begs the question… does it really have to be that complicated? This question was the crux of our recent webcast where Operative CEO and President Mike Leo […]

Attention Agency Media Planners: Let Ad Ops Help You in Q4 2010

At most agencies, Ad Operations teams are typically brought in only right before a campaign’s launch date.  The media team works with the client and publishers for months to build and finalize a plan, the design team develops the creative, and only AFTER this does the Ad Operations team step in to traffic.  By bringing […]

What’s the best way to train a new trafficker? The top 5 things to consider when on-boarding an ad trafficking novice

Within the Ad Ops community, the turnover of people coming in and leaving can be nonstop.  It might seem like you are always training the newbie.  Training new traffickers can be a daunting task if you approach your employees with an overload of information.  The 5 steps below are guidelines we follow at Operative, that […]

Can you offer your clients deep ‘engagement’?

That seems to be the latest measurement buzz word.  Now…let me ask in a different way.  Can your Ad Sales and Ad Ops teams scale to achieve the NEW technical demands of media buyers? In 2010, digital publishers in the US and Europe that are not a top 20 site in their market, will leave […]

2010 – The year we make contact

The end of a decade.  A time for prediction, review and a double dose of ‘best of’ lists.   So, let’s think… just what does the future hold? Well, Spain will win the World Cup.  In the UK, Conservatives will win the General Election.  And, according to this Government commissioned report, we’re set for fewer butchers […]

Operative Client Summit- 2009 in Digital Advertising

We are at the Winter Client Summit 2010 at the Norwood Club in New York City.  Clients from Wall Street Journal Digital Network, NBCU, Reuters, MySpace,, Top 10 Reviews, SmartMoney, Geeknet Inc, and National Public Media to name a few, are here today to provide input into the Operative road map, share experiences about […]

How Publishers can drive revenue- Being ‘easy to do business with’ is KEY

In the Operative-sponsored Industry Participant Breakfast on Monday morning at the iMedia Agency Summitin Scottsdale, Arizona, three Senior Sales Executives sat on a panel to discuss ways to drive digital advertising revenue in 2010.  Participants included: Moderator:     Mike Leo, CEO and President, Operative Panel: Cheryl Lucanegro, SVP Advertising Sales, Pandora Tom O’Regan, SVP Advertising Sales, The Andrew […]

Ad Ops Becomes Revenue Operations: The How and Why Ad Operations Has Evolved to Revenue Operations- IAB Ad Operations Summit

For everyone in this room to be successful, we absolutely need to be thinkers.  The days of only being doers must come to an end- radical change comes from radical ideas.   Maybe change our name from Ad Ops to Revenue Ops.  Questions: 1. How do you look to scale your business?  Automation is a great […]