212 Annual Boat Cruise Sold Out…wait, what?!

sold outI was sitting in my living room last night, eating some very yummy cheese, apple and crackers when I got a text message.  It was from Greg Carr, one my Account Executives saying, “The annual 212 boat cruise was sold out…they turned away half the paid guests”.

This made me think…wait a second, I thought we were in a recession…how did a boat cruise get sold out by double.  Not only was it sold out, but there we actual quality folks that attended.  When I say quality, I mean it the way an ad sales person would mean it…lots of media buyers from interactive ad agencies.

This brings me to only 1 theory – the recession can bring some good with the bad.  Sure, digital ad dollars have flattened out and sure companies are going out of business…and yes, CPMs have plummeted.  But when I see the 212 boat cruise sold out with quality people, this tells a story of new born collaboration in digital media.

Reason 1: With so much uncertainty in the market place, it’s human nature to find out one thing: what is going on?  What are people saying?   What are they seeing?  When will they see it?  How do I protect myself?  Folks who typically sat in their ivory tower and had their underlings do their dirty work are feeling pressure to go back to their roots, get out and ask questions.  Because of  this, people that you may not have had access to before, are now accessible.  Major brand managers and marketers, Media Directors at top Ad Agencies…all accessible and approachable.

Reason 2: Everyone is being forced to do more with less.  If you are an ad agency and have less employees, that’s less people to come up with the big idea.  This has led and will lead to more brainstorming between publishers and agencies.  Agencies can no longer afford to do things the way they used to…think tanks are smaller and ideas can no longer be created in a vacuum.

Reason 3: Lastly, relationships are now more important than ever.  Ad Agencies are under pressure to perform.  They want to meet the people they are buying media from, they want to know them personally and can now afford to, because every morsel of business is so important to them.  People are getting closer to their competition, more so than ever before.

Now, maybe it was just a nice summer eve on Thursday evening in NYC and the sound of a few drinks on the Hudson sounded divine…but I think there’s much more to it than that.

As an industry, we’ve been running so fast and trying to automate so much, you start to lose sight of what got us here.  Collaborating with each other.  This theme, in my opinion, will continue for a while since it’s the very behavior that got us here in the first place…getting out and meeting people in order to be successful.


Lorne Brown
Lorne Brown

Lorne Brown is the President & CEO at Operative. Known to be at every major tradeshow, his passion to develop relationships within the industry is unparalleled. In his spare time, he's in 5 fantasy football leagues.